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WBCH offers this space to area school superintendents to highlight news in their districts. This posting is from Hastings Area School System Superintendent Carrie Duits.


“2017 off to a great start for Hastings Area School System

The year has just started and already great things are happening throughout the district.

Here are just a few of highlights:


Northeastern Elementary recognized by Michigan Department of Education

Northeastern is no longer a “Focus school!” Northeastern originally received this label based on a need to close the gap between the high and low achievers. Last week, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) reported, "hard work and an emphasis on data-driven decisions," are making the difference in closing the achievement gap at Northeastern. Michigan accountability for schools requires a focus on effective teaching to increase in student achievement for all, and Northeastern is viewed as "on its way" and making great strides.


As a Focus School, Principal Eric Heide has been required to give quarterly reports to the Board of Education, submit additional plans to MDE, meet regularly with a consultant from MDE, and create plans for summer and school-year professional development. Throughout this process, the feedback has been very positive.


Northeastern teachers have worked hard to try new ideas, participate in additional professional development, analyze their data, and collaborate with each other. The result has been student success. Great job, NE staff and students!


Bond Update: The walls of Hastings Middle School begin to take shape

Thanks to teachers William Renner and Natasha Offerman, we have a time lapse video on YouTube of the demolition of the 1917 portion of Hastings Middle School (HMS). Like many in our community, I was a student in the 1917 portion of the building years ago, so it was a little hard to watch. The promise of a new facility that is safe and updated for students brings hope.


If you haven’t been by the construction area in a while, the new building is taking shape. The footings are in, and the walls are going up. It’s also interesting to watch the new section fit between the boiler room of the past and the 1954 and 1997 sections of the building. Soon our view from Broadway will include a school!


HMS Pride Activities 

HMS students in sixth and seventh grade participate in monthly pride activities for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS). In January, students chose activities and were awarded the opportunity to participate through their positive behavior choices. Data is shared monthly with students for ownership and goal setting of the initiative.


In January, 16 out of 414 students were in the "planning room" to plan for a better month. This means 96.2 percent of the student body made great behavior decisions. Their goal was 95 percent so they accomplished their goal for January and have their sights on a positive February for all students.”










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