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Dwain Reynolds, a member of the Green Party from Yankee Springs Township, is running for governor of Michigan in 2018. A Democratic Socialist, Reynolds said, if elected, “I would listen to the people and ask what’s best for everyone. I would break the stranglehold the rich and big business have on our democracy. It’s about time they paid their dues; the taxes for the rich would increase drastically,” he said.


The high school Social Studies teacher believes with gerrymandering and other electoral issues,  big money, big business and special interests have taken democracy away from the people.

“We need to bring democracy back the people, make a Michigan where my votes count,” he said.


Businesses should be owned by the workers and have a say in who manages it and how money is spent and everybody should have the  ability to unionize, including those in prison, he said.

Nestle would not get water from Michigan, if he were governor, Reynolds said. “Nestle has no business taking water away from the people…that’s profit over people.”


"Education is incredibly important," he said. "We need well-rounded critical thinkers who can earn a living here. Schools need machine shop, metal works, plumbing and electrical training to certify a trade to make a living, work their way out of poverty and keep pursuing more education. And, make it absolutely free, not putting them into debt.”


The minimum wage should be $15 an hour, and Medicare and Medicaid retained. He would have the people vote on the state budget.

There would be no private electric and water companies; it would provided by municipalities with management elected by the people.


“I worry about the people I care about. Republican policies and ideology is hurtful. Democrats try, but it’s just band aids. We need somebody to stand up for the people who don’t feel they have a voice. I will be all inclusive and work with everybody.”


“I know I’ve got a long way to go. My run it not to fix things with band aids, but to reform the way we do things to make them better. I see a better future.” Reynolds said he accepts donations for his campaign from private donations only. To learn more about Reynolds visit:


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