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The Barry County Commission offers the public a chance to speak at the beginning and end of each meeting; to state their opinions, ask questions, make suggestions, even issue invitations. Tuesday’s meeting had all four.


Sharon Zebrowski, Charlton Park Board chair, asked commissioners when the empty seats on the board would be filled. There were supposed to be ads out for the positions two weeks ago and it has not been done, she said. “We’re getting questions now…we have to make decisions. We’ll get started...see what you can do about getting us more members.”  


Jim Dull, drain commissioner and former commissioner, suggested commissioners change the rule allowing chairpersons to hold the position for one year instead of the present two years. Incoming commissioners don’t know anything, he said, but after a year, they have a handle on the job and the board as well.

“I’d like this board to look at reversing it back to one year. If they do well, they will be reelected; if not, they won’t be reelected.”  


Bob Vanderboegh gave his opinion on the ongoing negotiations by the Barry Eaton District Health Department’s Health Board to make the TOST regulation voluntary instead of mandatory.

“It is apparent they are only interested in shuffling the cards and continue the tail wagging the dog…certainly, they put a lot of effort into changing the words without changing the meaning," he said.

On the partnership with BEDHD, he said it appears Barry County is not respected as such when a resolution unanimously supporting a voluntary TOST by the Barry County Commission is not honored.  “We are not little brother, so why do we continue the partnership?”


Patricia Johns, member of the Parks & Recreation board, invited commissioners to offer their suggestions for what they would like to see in the future of the county’s  recreation program as the board develops its next five-year recreation plan.










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