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Are you a Barry County resident?

Do you have an outstanding warrant or fines in Barry County District Court that you haven’t paid?

Are you looking over your shoulder, but don’t dare talk to anyone about it?

Would you like to clear it up, but don’t know how?


Here’s the thing: The Barry County Trial Court is offering amnesty to Barry County residents for the traffic and criminal division of 56B District Court from Thursday, March 1 through Friday, April 13.

If you have late fees, outstanding bench warrants for failing to appear or failing to comply with financial obligations on traffic or criminal cases, you can come to court without fear of being arrested.

Go to 56B District Court, second floor in the Courts & Law Building at 206 West Court Street in Hastings between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the amnesty period to make final payments in full on any outstanding balances or meet with a financial specialist.  When you make the final payment, the court will waive the late fees, and/or recall bench warrants and dismiss any future contempt dates or charges for those cases and you will be free to go.


If you have any problem about going in person, just call, said District Court Judge Michael Schipper. “We want to clear up our backlog of cases and give our customers a break. We’ll work with you.

“I’ll try something new. If a program works, we’ll keep it; if it needs tweaking we’ll do that. If it doesn’t work, we won’t keep doing it.”


Interestingly, Schipper said some people may have warrants out on them and not know it. For example, if you paid a traffic fine late, it may have late charges added. If they are not paid, a warrant will eventually be issued, and if a driver get stopped for anything, like a light out, the warrant will come up when officer checks your license status.


There are important notes about the amnesty:

* The program is available to both traffic and misdemeanor case types.

* Payment may be made by cash, credit card, cashier’s check or money order.

* The program applies to Barry County residents only and is for traffic and criminal cases only.


However, if an individual has outstanding warrants or criminal charges in another county or state or for another matter in Barry County, he or she may be taken into custody as a result.


For questions on the program or outstanding balances, call district court at 269-495-1404.

For information on outstanding child support or Friend of the Court business, call 269-945-1283.











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