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In the works for a short term solution to the flooding at Crooked Lake is a plan that would have the Barry County Drain Commission purchase property owned by Daryl Jones on the north side of Delton Road, dig a retention pond area there and pump water from Crooked Lake under the road into the new pond.


“This isn’t new,” Drain Commissioner Jim Dull said, “We’ve been working on it for a couple of months.”


A buy/sell agreement between Jones and the drain commission has been in a 90-day hold while soil tests and title work are being done to determine, “if this will work for us,” Dull said. Soil borings have been done, with the results expected shortly.


“(Engineer) Brian Cenci said it looks promising, and he’ll talk to the DEQ this week about a permit,” Dull said. The hold on the agreement, which ended Friday,  may have to be extended, depending what the DEQ says, but it is possible they can go ahead.


If they can relieve the flooding in the short term, they will work on a long term fix: installing an underground drain tile from the retention pond to gravity feed the water to the Delton Drain on Pine Lake Road. Dull is talking with two property holders about an easement alongside their property for the tile that will send water to the Delton Drain.


The flooding has defied a solution since last spring, causing hardships for lake residents and frustration for county officials. Several ideas were proposed and discarded for various reasons. The County Board of Commissioners approved $500,000 in funding for the emergency in July of last year.











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