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“Special Education millage proposal--restoration of Headlee reduction




Frequently Asked Questions:





What is the proposal?

The Barry Intermediate School District, on behalf of its constituent districts (Hastings

Area Schools and Delton Kellogg Schools) is asking voters to restore the special

education tax rate approved in 1996.


Why is the Barry ISD asking for an increase?

Our local boards of education work very hard to provide the best programs and services

to all of their students that they possibly can. They have asked their intermediate school

district to help them do just that, particularly for our most vulnerable students with

physical, cognitive, learning, or other disabilities.


When is the vote?

The proposal will appear on the August 8, 2017, regular primary election ballot.


How much of an increase is the Barry ISD seeking?

A restoration of the tax rate approved by voters would take 0.3631 mills, or about

$18.16 per year on a home or parcel with a taxable value of $50,000. The ballot

language will actually ask for more than that—about double—but no more than the

original rate approved by voters in 1996 can ever be levied.


Why ask for more than you can levy?

The way the Headlee Amendment works, tax rates approved by voters are

automatically scaled back, or eroded, as taxable values rise. By asking for 0.7 mills, a

buffer will be created that should mean we don’t have to ask taxpayers for another

restoration for the life of this approved increase.


How long does this increase, or restoration, last?

The Barry ISD is asking for a ten (10) year millage increase to restore the tax rate

approved by voters in 1996.


How much difference will the requested restoration make?

Based on a taxable value in Barry ISD of just over $1 billion, the increase (override)

of .3631 would yield about $363,000 in additional revenue to fund special education

programs and services in Delton and Hastings. (The actual projected amount is

$366,143.29 on a total taxable value of $1,008,381,414, based on 2016 figures.)


How will this new revenue be spent?

All special education funds from local tax dollars are spent according to the Barry ISD

Special Education Plan, which is developed in consultation with the local districts and

reviewed periodically. All special education funds come to the children in our local

districts, whether in the form of special programs, services, equipment, or other needs.


What does Barry ISD provide for students with special needs in Hastings and


The Barry ISD Special Education Department provides center-based programs and

classrooms for students with certain types and levels of disability. We provide

specialized staff like psychologists, social workers, speech and language pathologists,

physical and occupational therapists, hearing impairment teachers, transition planning,

and monitoring. We provide special transportation, summer jobs programs, and

contracted services for individuals over the age of 26. We flow special education

funding through to our constituent districts.


Whom can I contact with other questions?

Please feel free to call Barry ISD Superintendent Rich Franklin directly, at 269-945-

9545, ext. 111, or email him at; or talk with your local

superintendent’s office.”

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