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Barry County Aug. 4 Primary ballot shows mix of old and new candidates

With the political season heating up, there will be much to see and hear on the state and national scenes before the November 2020 election. At the local level this year, some familiar names are not on the ballot, a few are seeking different offices and several new candidates are in the running.


Here are the offices, candidates and millage proposals on the Barry County Aug. 4 Primary ballot. A few filing deadlines have been extended because of the coronavirus so the ballot is not complete and will be updated.





NPA= no party affiliation



District 1: Howard R. Gibson (R), Martha Reyff-Banash (D)

District 2: Catherine Getty (R), Cody Hayes (D)

District 3: David Jackson (R)

District 4: Jon Smelker (R), Rich Burtts (US Taxpayers)

District 5: Ben Geiger (R)

District 6: Vivian Lee Conner (R)

District 7: Bruce D. Campbell (R), Ben McLeod (R)



Sheriff: Dar Leaf (R)

Register of Deeds: Barbara D. Hurless (R), Jordan Brehm (D), Heather L.Wing (R).

County Clerk: Pam Palmer (R)

Prosecutor: Julie Nakfoor-Pratt (R)

Drain Commissioner: Jim Dull (R), Kyle Staines (R)

Treasurer: Susan VandeCar (R), Jennifer Meyer, (D), Susan Vlietstra (R), Justin Straube (R)

Surveyor: Brian Reynolds (R)




Supervisor: Mike Timmons (R), Thomas J. Wing (R)

Clerk: Annette J. Terry (R), Tandra S. Angus (R),

Treasurer: Terry Ryder Stephens (D)

Trustee: James D. Miller (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Chad VanSyckle (R)

Clerk: Penelope J. Ypma (D)

Treasurer: Melissa L. VanSyckle (R)

Trustee: Michael Altoft (NPA), Gerard R. Ypma (R), Aaron VanSyckle (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Wesley Kahler (R), Rodney Dye (NPA)

Clerk: Debra Knight (R)

Treasurer: Judith E. Wooer (R) Michael Dye (R) Ingrid Pagano (R)

Trustee: Lee A. Campbell (R) Barry Bower (R), Ricky Lawrence (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Brad  Carpenter (R)

Clerk: Amanda Brown (R)

Treasurer: Terri Geiger (R)

Trustee: Gary VandeCar (R) Cary Smith (R), Scott Bond (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Cheryl Hartwell (R)

Clerk: Marcia Scramlin (R)

Treasurer: Joy E. Mulder (R)

Trustee: Earl M. Wilson (R), H. Michael Trahan (R) (two seats)


Hastings Charter:

Supervisor: Jim Brown (R), James M. Partridge (R)

Clerk: Anita S. Mennell (R)

Treasurer:  Jenee S. Phillips (D)

Trustee: Timothy B. McNally (R), Scott Savage (D), Timothy Wetzel (R) (four seats)



Supervisor: Douglas E. Peck (R) Joyce Snow (R)

Clerk: Deborah Jackson (R)

Treasurer: Arlene Tonkin (R) Jolene Payne (D)

Trustee: David Messelink (R), Matt Peake (R), Wendee J.Wendt (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Jamie R. Knight (R), Tim Ross (R)

Clerk: Sharon Olson (R)

Treasurer: Alesse Cross (R)

Trustee: Michael Buehler (R), Dean Bass (R) Rhonda VanPolen (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Barbara J. Earl (R) Roy Thunder (R)

Clerk: Sheri M. Babcock (R)

Treasurer: Karmen Kay Nickerson (R)

Trustee: Deana M. Powell (R), Jeffrey T. Warren, (R) (two seats) 


Maple Grove:

Supervisor: Jeff Butler (R)

Clerk: Holly Carpenter (R)

Treasurer: Ginger Cole (R)

Trustee: Larry Hook (R), Doug Westendorp (R) (two seats)



Supervisor: Thomas J. Rook (R)

Clerk: Mel Risner (R)

Treasurer: Michelle Ritchie (R)

Trustee: Linda Ribble (R), Chad Kraai, (R), Phillip Joseph (R), Jodi L. Patrick (R) Jake Bronson (R) (two seats)



Supervisor:  Jim Stoneburner (R), Mark A. Doster (R)

Clerk: Rod Gobel (R)

Treasurer: Judy Pence (R)

Trustee: Richard L.Van Niman (R), Ted DeVries (R) Mark D. Doster (R) (two seats)

Office of Parks: Judith A. Risdon (D), Scott Kuebler (R), Kevin Louden (R), Joanna Haneckow (D, John Kurak (D)


Rutland Charter:

Supervisor: Larry Watson (R)

Clerk: Robin Hawthorne (R)

Treasurer: Sandra Greenfield (R)

Trustee: Sandra L. James (R), Marlin Walters (R), Brenda Bellmore (R), Matt Spencer (R), Gene D. Hall, (R), Eric Miller (R) (four seats)



Supervisor: Dan Parker (R), Eric Schaefer (R)

Clerk: Cindy Willshire (R)

Treasurer: Debra K. Buckowing (R)

Trustee: Ross DeMaagd (R), Curt Campbell (R), Sandra L. Rairigh (R) (three seats)



Supervisor: Jeffrey S. MacKenzie (R)

Clerk: Nancy Stanton (R)

Treasurer: Shawn K. Durkee (R)

Trustee: Gabriel Steward, (NPA), Mikel Slater (R) (two seats)


Yankee Springs:

Supervisor: Mark W. Englerth (R), Rob Heethuis (R)

Clerk: Michael Scott Cunningham (R), Ron Heilman (R)

Treasurer: Debra L Mousseau (R)

Trustee: Shanon VandenBerg (R), Larry Knowles (R), Dave Van Houten (R) (two seats)




Barry Township asks for renewal of 2 mills ($2 per $1,000 of taxable value) for fire protection, 2020-2023, which would raise an estimated $260,000 the first year.

Also, Barry Township asks for renewal of 2 mills ($2 per $1,000 of taxable value) for police protection for 2020-2023 which would raise an estimated $260,000 the first year.


Irving Township asks for a renewal of 1.4566 mills for six years, 2021through 2026, for fire protection, which is estimated to raise $199,039 in the first year.


Johnstown Township asks for renewal of 0.7882 mills for the acquisition, operation and maintenance of fire protection and equipment, including fire and rescue equipment, which is estimated to raise revenue of $84,845 in the first year.


Maple Grove Township asks for renewal of 1 mill for four years, 2020-2023, for dust control and road maintenance which is estimated to raise $45,000 the first year.

Also, Maple Grove Township asks for the renewal of 1 mill for four years, 2020-2023, for fire department apparatus, maintaining, housing and operations, raising an estimated $$45,000 the first year.


Orangeville Township asks for renewal of 0.75 mills for five years, 2022 through 2026 inclusive,

for the purposes of purchase of fire equipment and apparatus raising an estimated $120,121 in the first year that the millage is levied. This millage becomes effective when the current millage expires in 2021.”


Rutland Township asks for a 1 mill increase for five years, 2020 through 2024, to maintain and improve public roads in the township and raise an estimated $158,814.25 in the first year.


Delton Kellogg Schools ask renewal of an 18 mill levy on non-homestead property for five years, 2021-2025, to continue to receive its per pupil foundation revenue and an increase of 0.5 mills for the five years, for operating purposes to restore millage lost as the result of the edlee Amndment. Headlee Amendment. If approved, the levy is estimated to raise approximately $3,174,000 the first year.


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