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The 2020 general election is Tuesday, Nov. 3 with new state laws making it easier for Michigan voters to cast their ballots by allowing absentee balloting for any registered voter for “no reason.”


Previously, absentee ballots were available only for specific reasons, like health or age.


Also, registering to vote has been extended until the day of the election; absentee ballot voting is already underway.


Michigan voters will name their choices for president and vice president of the United States, one U.S. Senator, representatives to the U. S. Congress, state representatives and state boards of education officials.


Supreme court justices and judges for circuit, district, probate and the court of appeals will be chosen, along with county, township, city and village offices and local school boards.


Also, millage requests from the county, townships and a library are on the ballot. The Barry County-wide request, asking $25 million for a new jail and sheriff’s office will be decided.


All candidates are republican (Rep) unless identified as a democrat (Dem). No party affiliation is (N/PA).


First, Barry County positions, candidates and proposals, followed by city, village and school board races, and the state and national contests.



District 1: Howard R. Gibson

Martha Reyff-Banash (Dem)

District 2: Catherine Getty,

Cody Hayes (Dem)

District 3: David Jackson

District 4: Jon Smelker,

Rich Burtts  (US Taxpayer)

District 5: Ben Geiger

District 6: Vivian Lee Conner

District 7: Bruce D. Campbell



Sheriff: Dar Leaf

Register of Deeds: Barbara D. Hurless,

Jordan Brehm (Dem)

County Clerk: Pam Palmer

Prosecutor: Julie Nakfoor-Pratt

Drain Commissioner: Jim Dull

Treasurer: Susan VandeCar

Jennifer Meyer (Dem)

 Surveyor: Brian Reynolds  




Supervisor: Thomas J. Wing

Clerk: Annette J. Terry

Treasurer: Terry Ryder Stephens (Dem)

Trustee: James D. Miller,

Zachary Haralson



Supervisor: Chad VanSyckle 

Clerk: Penelope Ypma (Dem)

Treasurer: Melissa VanSyckle

Trustees: Gerard Ypma,

Aaron VanSyckle,

Michael Altoft  (N/A)

Dowling Public Library Board

Jennifer J. McKeever (N/A)

Laura Sue Kingma (N/A)

Roxanne Frey (N/A)




Supervisor: Wesley Kahler,

Rodney Dye (NPA)  

Clerk: Debra Knight

Treasurer: Judith E. Wooer

Trustees: Lee A. Campbell,

Barry Bower



Supervisor: Brad H. Carpenter

Clerk: Amanda Brown

Treasurer: Terri Geiger

Trustee: Gary VandeCar,

Scott Bond



Supervisor: Cheryl Hartwell

Clerk: Marcia Scramlin

Treasurer: Joy Mulder

Trustees: Earl M. Wilson,

H. Michael Trahan


Hastings Charter:

Supervisor: Jim Brown

Clerk: Anita S. Mennell

Treasurer:  Jenee S. Phillips (Dem)

Trustees: Timothy B. McNally, Scott Savage (Dem), William Wetzel



Supervisor: Douglas E. Peck

Clerk: Deborah Jackson

Treasurer: Arlene Tonkin,

Jolene Payne (Dem)

Trustees: David Messelink

Matt Peake 



Supervisor: Jamie R. Knight

Clerk: Sharon L. Olson

Treasurer: Alesse Cross (Dem)

Trustees: Michael Buehler

Dean Bass



Supervisor: Barbara J. Earl

Clerk: Sheri M. Babcock

Treasurer: Karmen Kay Nickerson

Trustees: Deana M. Powell

Jeffrey T. Warren 

Dowling Public Library Board

Eve Sidney (N/A)

Grethel Inman (N/A)

Georgia Robinson (N/A)



Maple Grove:

Supervisor: Jeff Butler

Clerk: Holly Carpenter

Treasurer: Ginger Cole

Trustees: Larry Hook,

Doug Westendorp



Supervisor: Thomas J. Rook

Clerk: Melody Risner

Treasurer: Michelle Ritchie

Trustees: Linda Ribble,

Chad Kraai



Supervisor:  Jim Stoneburner

Clerk: Rod Gobel

Treasurer: Judy Pence

Trustee: Ted DeVries

Mark D. Doster


Office of Parks: Judith A. Risdon (Dem), Scott Kuebler, Kevin Louden,  Joanna Haneckow, (Dem) John Kurak (Dem) 


Rutland Charter:

Supervisor: Larry Watson

Clerk: Robin Hawthorne

Treasurer: Sandra Greenfield

Trustee: Sandra L. James

Brenda Bellmore

Matt Spencer  

Gene D. Hall



Supervisor: Dan Parker

Clerk: Cindy Willshire

Treasurer: Debra K. Buckowing

Trustee: Ross DeMaagd,

Curtis Campbell,

Sandra L. Rairigh,

Kim  Selleck (NPA)



Supervisor: Jeffrey S. MacKenzie

Clerk: Nancy Stanton

Treasurer: Shawn Durkee

Trustee: Gabriel Steward (NPA),

Mikel Slater


Yankee Springs:

Supervisor: Rob Heethuis

Clerk: Michael Scott Cunningham

Treasurer: Debra L Mousseau

Trustee: Larry Knowles,

Dave Van Houten 

Constable: Dennis Buist



Barry County requests approval to issue general obligation tax bonds not to exceed $25 million dollars to pay for design, engineering, construction, furnishing and equipping a new county jail and sheriff’s offices.


The bonds will be outstanding for a maximum of 26 years (2021 through 2046). It is estimated that it will be necessary to levy 0.1722 mills for debt service on bonds the first year and an estimated average of 0.451mills for debt service for the remaining years until the bonds are paid.


Property in the county with a taxable value of $50,000 will pay an estimated $8.61 the first year and on average, $22.51 in subsequent years.




City of Hastings: (all terms 12-31-2024)

Mayor: David Tossava

Ward 1: Al Jarvis

Ward 2: John Resseguie

Ward 3: Norman Eugene Barlow (Write in),

              Don Bowers

Ward 4: Willard R. Redman

               Jacquie McLean

               Shawn Winters

Board of Review:

               Melissa A. Winick

               Timothy James Girrbach


Village of Freeport:

President: Bill Andrews

 Village Clerk: Shawna Hill

Trustees: Shawna Hill (two year term)                

Lani Forbes


Village of Middleville:

President: Charles T. Pullen

Trustees: Sherry Lynn Ronning,

                Mike Lytle


Village of Nashville:

President: Mike Kenyon

Trustees: Tanett A. Hodge,

                Johnny L. Hartwell


Village of Woodland:

Mayor: Ronald Martin

Trustees: Rick Denker

              Arlene Barry

              John Kennedy

              Kevin Duits





Orangeville Township asks for renewal of 1.5 mills for township road improvements for the period of 2021 through 2024, inclusive, raising an estimated $240,242 the first year.


Prairieville Township asks for renewal of:


.8174 mills for four years, 2021through 2024, to fund the township police department, raising an estimated $145,992 in the first year.


.9087 mills for four years, 2021 through 2024, for township roads, raising an estimated $162,298 in the first year.


.9559 mills for four years, 2021 through 2024, to fund the township fire department, raising an estimated $170,729 in the first year.


Woodland Township asks for renewal of 2 mills for fire, cemetery and the township for the period of 2021 through 2024, inclusive, which would raise an estimated $182,600 the first year.




Dowling Public Library asks for renewal of :


.30 mills for the library for the years 2021-2024 inclusive in Baltimore Township which will raise an estimated $17, 261 the first year.


.30 mills for the library for the years 2021-2024 inclusive in Johnstown Township which will raise an estimated $33,624 in the first year.




Bellevue School Board:

Seth C. Madry

Wayne B. Root

Michael DeRyder


Caledonia School Board:

Andrew Backus

Brittany N. Barber Garcia

Christopher Behm

Trevor DeGroote

Bill Donahue

Katie Isic

Andrew Pastoor


Delton Kellogg School Board:

Brandy Shooks

Craig Jenkins, Jr.

Jessica Brandli

Kelli Martin


Gull Lake School Board:

Eddie Keene,

Carole McFee Mendez,

Paul K. Riker,

Krystal S. Scott


Hastings School Board:

Luke Haywood

Mike Nickels

Bradley Tolles

Elden Shellenbarger


Lakewood School Board:

Melissa McClelland

Jamie Brodbeck Krenz

Kerry Possehn

Darin Weller

Paige O’Mara (Write in)


Maple Valley School Board:

Justin Keiffer

Jennifer Burns (Write In)

Jonathan Lynn Denton (Write in)

Kimberlee Kenyon (Write in)

Andrea Lynne Montgomery (Write in)

Brian Scott Green (Write in)

Nicholas Burpee (Write in)


Martin School Board:

Rosemary Andrews

Austin Marsman

Art Shook


Pennfield School Board:

Dawn Bayman

Jack Branham

Alicia Bronson

Greg Kapus

Chad Peterson

Stephen Herbstreith

Sarah Marie Jones

Dana Wells-Jenney

Tim Wood

Todd Woodworth


Plainwell School Board:

Mike Hopson

Jill  Dunham

Anthony McNeel


Thornapple Kellogg School Board:

Kirsten R. Cove

Anne Hamming

David Smith

Donald Haney

Risa Lovell


Wayland School Board:

Theresa Dobry

Dan M. Cassini

Jason M. Shane

Becky Hohnke

Cinnemon L. Mellema


In national and state contests:


U.S. President:

Donald J. Trump (R)

Joe Biden  (D)


U.S. Vice President:

Mike Pence

Kamala Harris


U.S. Senate:

Gary Peters  (D)

John James  (R)

Marcia Squire  (Green Party)

Doug Dern   (Natural Law Party)

Gregory Charles Jones  (other)

Valerie Willis  (U.S. Taxpayers Party)


Michigan House of Representatives  87th District:

Julie Calley  (R)

Jay Molette  (D)


U.S. House of Representatives  District 3:

Hilary Scholten  (D)

Peter Meijer  (R)


State Ballot Measures:


1. Michigan use of state and local park funds amendment:  revises formula for how state and local park funds from trusts can be spent.



2. Michigan search warrant for electronic data amendment:  requires search warrant to access a person’s electronic data

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