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Barry County Commissioner and Chair Ben Geiger Tuesday read the determination of the Barry County Elected Officers Compensation Commission listing the raises they decided elected officials of the county, excluding judges, would receive in 2019 and 2020.


Theresa Enrietti, chair of the pay commission, wrote that the panel valued the work of elected officials and, believed “maintaining adequate and competitive salaries is vital to providing quality public service,” and they “also feel a strong responsibility to the citizens and taxpayers of Barry County.”


Commissioners: $11,101 in 2019 and $12,607 in 2020.


Commission chair: $12,106 in 2019 and $13,607 in 2020.


Sheriff: $90,616 in 2019; $92,428 in 2020.


Drain Commissioner: $64,142.26 in 2019 and $67,870 in 2020.


Treasurer: $66,196.37 in 2019 and $71,002 in 2020.


Surveyor: $9,484.38 in 2019 and $10, 205 in 2020.


Prosecutor: $101,203.52 in 2019 and $103,227.59 in 2020.


Clerk: $66,624.15 in 2019 and $67,956.63 in 2020.


Register of Deeds: $66,624.15 in 2019 and $67,956.63 in 2020.


Enrietti said in setting raises, they tried to ensure equality between county officials with similar jobs and also with the officials from other counties that they were compared to. Because it has the authority to overturn a compensation board’s action by a two-thirds vote, the final decision on any decisions is a county board responsibility.


The county board only considers the compensation commission actions upon a motion to reject.

If the county board takes no action, the pay board’s decision takes effect with the beginning of the next odd-numbered year. If the county commission rejects the action, the previous compensation remains in effect. The county board did not move to reject, so the listed salary schedule will go into effect.


Compensation commission members are appointed by the county commission for four-year-terms and meet only in even numbered years.












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